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Comprehensive Eye Exams in Fair Oaks CA

One of the things you will never want to take for granted in life is your health -- and that includes your ocular health. Vision problems and eye diseases can erode your eyesight and quality of life without your even realizing it, so the only way you can be certain that your eyes are still healthy is through detailed periods evaluations. That's why you'll want to make regular appointments here at Swan Family Optometry, your source for comprehensive eye exams in Fair Oaks CA.

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Why You Need an Eye Exam From Our Fair Oaks Optometrist

It's understandably hard to get too worked up about scheduling your next eye exam when you seem to be seeing with perfect clarity. But a refractive error or other vision problem could be altering your eyesight so gradually that you've simply become accustomed to the resulting imperfections as your "new normal." Additionally, some of the most devastating eye diseases and disorders can work behind the eyes for years, causing irreparable eye damage before your vision becomes affected. By the time you know something is wrong, your eyesight may be permanently impaired.

Regular exams from our optometrist in Fair Oaks, Dr. Swan, can help us get control over these issues before they can do too much damage. The American Optometric Association recommends comprehensive eye exams every other year for healthy adults under the age of 60; seniors and people with known eye/vision issues should have annual eye exams that focus on specific age-related problems or their current eye issues. Even small children should receive evaluations from our Fair Oaks optometrist at 6 months, 3 years and 5-6 years of age so we can catch functional errors that might limit vision development early in life.

An Exam From Our Fair Oaks Eye Doctor

A comprehensive eye exam from our Fair Oaks eye doctor addresses every aspect of your ocular health. The principal components of such an exam are:

  • Vision testing - Your optometrist in Fair Oaks can identify refractive errors and other visual impairments from your ability to read different sizes of text on an eye chart. If you're having trouble, we can use a special viewer called a phoropter to "dial in" your prescription for corrective lenses. 
  • Eye health - Dilating your pupils allows our eye doctor in Fair Oaks to see deep inside the eye to evaluate the retina, optic nerve and other structures. We use a combination of magnification and illumination to examine the front of the eye for damage or disease. Tonometry (pressure testing) can help us identify possible glaucoma.
  • Eye function - Our Fair Oaks optometrist can administer a variety of simple, painless tests to check functions such as accommodation, focus, tracking, teaming, and visual processing speed.

Call Swan Family Optometry to Schedule Your Exam

Our eye doctor in Fair Oaks is ready to help you preserve your family's eyesight. Call 916-966-6080 to schedule your next comprehensive eye exam!

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